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9_11 - 5 Years On - Anniversary Poem

9/11 - five Years On - day verse form

The World And It's Soul (Part I)

Today i'm in mourning, the world lays serious on my heart, Tas Branded Murah I know I even have to urge one thing down, but I simply do not know wherever to begin.

Words are my friend, at most times they've served Pine Tree State well, but these days they're thus inadequate, because this story is thus terribly laborious to inform.

Everything for a reason, or a minimum of that is what i assumed, but attempt adding up the logic, and these days it involves naught.

There's a baby crying somewhere, her father will not be coming back home tonight, he was within the wrong place at the incorrect time, and got concerned in somebody else's fight.

And because the chaos open, the sun within the sky brilliantly shone, but it too appeared unusually unhappy, the warmth in its smile had merely gone.

The images can continuously haunt Pine Tree State, one last jump to avoid wasting their lives, one last thought of their kids, one last thought of their wives.

The Brothers, the brave rescue employees, who went in once most would have fled, so stouthearted and dedicated to the tip, maybe that is enough aforesaid...

Apart from; i'm not a vindictive man, but I too, have AN unyielding anger deep within, and I pray that they get these bastards, and that they need no place left to cover.

My kids have lost their innocence, so too the globe because it grieved collectively. How does one make a case for this madness? What are you able to tell your teenaged son?

My heart goes resolute the families, and to the yank nation as a full, for these days I lost a district of Pine Tree State, and so has the globe and it's soul.

Copyright Allen Jesson :( 2001

Allen followed this verse form with the globe And It's Soul II, this a lot of hopeful and fewer bitter verse form was written the subsequent day:

The World And Its Soul (Part II)

I have been blessed and cursed perception, because I will see what life has future, and my dreams of eternal peace, seemed to are dotted for ever a lot of.

I have four lovely kids, My God! What type of life have I given them? A world choked with hatred? With hopes and dreams condemned?

I have this dreadful feeling, that we, as one, square measure on the sting, and peace to you my fellow man, is what i actually need to pledge.

But however will life carry on? With this cancer command within? Without freedom of speech and movement, where on Earth are you able to begin?

And once I think about my kids, from new born to distressed teenaged, how do i like them on the one hand, and contain this burning rage?

I walked with my youngest son these days, a beautiful spring day all told its glory, but the sun had lost its golden bit, it had lost the magic in its story.

I keep attempting to appear for the positives, and look for hope on the opposite aspect, but then I cry Pine Tree State a watercourse, and gee, however I've cried.

I do hope for peace, but i do know we have a tendency to should do our battle 1st, we need to satisfy our anger, we need to quench our bloody thirst.

And hope springs eternal, and may of late into history fade, and may we have a tendency to all be terribly proud, be pleased with the roles that we've contend.

Today, I took my four year previous to the beach, and this perhaps, comes as no surprise, because I saw the solution to our quandary, when I looked straight into his eyes.

He did not care an excessive amount of regarding what had gone, but he did care regarding the sand in his shoes, and then i assumed regarding his tomorrows, because he has virtually everything to lose.

We all still have that hate and anger, but we'd like to temper that callous steel, we need to appear at our family, and think about however others may feel.

Retribution will not be denied, but we'd like to dilute with sense, we need the globe to survive, we still want our children's innocence.

Love is stronger than hate, and love and justice can prevail, and I hope my kids's children, learn from and live to inform this tale.

So, i'm still bitter, and angry on a full, but we'd like to construct, not destroy, the World and it's Soul.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001

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